ChoiceTV Radio Episode 012 - Tessa Bauer & John Zehr with United Games & Bruce Bryant of Home and Realty Magazine

September 2, 2016

On today's Episode, Executive Producer and Owner of ChoiceTV, Jon Marchese, is joined by three guests, Tessa Bauer & John Zehr with United Games, and Bruce Bryant of Home and Realty Magazine.

Tessa and John are affiliates with United Games which is about to release one of the most anticipated apps on the market. The app, which the name hasn't been released yet, allows you to play along with your favorite sports teams, and players while you challenge your friends for tokens. Tokens can then be redeemed for prizes such as hats, jerseys, and tickets to the game. The way it works for Football, is before a play is run you can select if you think it'll be a run or pass, how many yards will be gained, if they'll make the field goal, etc. Then who ever was right gets points and moves up the leader board. This is a one of a kind experience which will bring out the competitive nature in everyone and get you invested in every second of every game.
United Games is an Affiliate marketing company and for only a couple more weeks you have an opportunity to sign up to be an affiliate. There’s no charge to sign up as an affiliate. The game won’t be available for another few weeks. At that time, you’ll pay a one-time “technology fee” of $29.95 (to pay for your back office and real-time business reporting system) then $9.95 per month after that. The United Games opportunity is strictly invitation-only but today you can get your invitation by simply texting "WIN" to 949-200-6068.

Three years ago if someone came up to you and told you about an amazing new app that you could invest in, that would allow you to shoot birds at bricks and pigs, you would have laughed at them out of the room. Three years later, Angry Birds is a multi billion dollar app. This is a major opportunity to join in on the next big app.

Again if you would like an invitation to join in on the next big thing, text the word, "WIN" to 949-200-6068.

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